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Finally, after such a long time, I decided to write about this. It is not an easy thing, but in my opinion,  it is essential to share my feelings with you.

The question I heard many times: Why are you doing this? Why are you biking so many kilometres alone? Aren’t you scared??

I found out that answering this question is pretty tough for me…

At first, it pushed me to think about this deeply. At second, I realised that it is difficult to speak it out loud and at third, I understood that the reason I did this could inspire people to change their lives.

So, why?

I remember this moment just perfectly! It was an afternoon, and I was a bit sad..staring at my computer…Why? I wanted to go for this long touring bike trip with my ex-boyfriend, that time friend (yeah everyone knows it is weird), but he didn’t agree as he wanted to challenge himself and push more during the rides. Anyways, I felt sad. I wanted to bike more and to bike to Prince Edward Island to see Anna’s Green Gable House. I felt that now I can not do this.

It sounds silly, but it was a spark, just one fantastic thought which suddenly came to my mind and changed everything…

“You can do this by yourself, and you don’t need anyone!”

Although, a first glance, it seems to be simple, silly, easy…when you start thinking deeply…it is not. Well, there is a deep bottom of this sentence, which might be hard to catch up.

At this particular moment, I realised how much I relied on other people in my life. How many times I was willing to do something, and I didn’t because there was nobody with whom I could do it. Nowadays it is a sad thing, but at that time I didn’t think about that at all.

Moreover, I had no idea how common this problem is until I went to some out-topic networking meeting and I told this story to another girl. It was this weird exercises that they ask you to speak about your hobbies…somehow…I opened myself, and I briefly described my story. I was shocked by women reaction. They felt inspired and wanted to take action, get rid of traps…

That was a blast.

It looks like a typical women problem regardless of nationality: Polish, Canadian or others. It is hard to believe. Such a huge culture difference…and the same issues.

Let’s go back to the topic. At this afternoon I found out that I can do everything I want, just everything. I can do it by myself, or I can find strangers to join if this is necessary.

This one particular moment changed my life. I decided to go on a bike trip to PEI by myself. Immediately I bought a new bike and started planning. It was a middle of June, I had around one month which is a little time to collect equipment and blueprint a trip, but I made it.

Wasn’t it scary? It was! Of course, it was! I didn’t know what I was doing even though I biked many kilometres that year.

The first night at the campsite?  I was shaking and talking to my little toy, MinionJ. That doesn’t sound normal at all. What’s more, for a couple of first days my socks stunk like crazy. It never happens before. It was just stress and went away after a few days of biking.

Although I had great support from my family and friends, it was as though, mentally and physically. What was the rice I got?

Every incredible, breathtaking view behind the corner: amazing, unreplaceable feeling and every sunset I saw. These are my prizes an also this small thought which is sitting inside me now: I can do what I want! I can do this!


Short movie from my trip

The only one movie I made on my big trip…after a few tries…I gave up…saving my life…. I need more practice of biking and making movies the same time…otherwise is easy to die under tracks wheels 😛  or maybe I need a better equipment and skills 😛 🙂

Jedyny filmik jaki nakrecilam podczas mojej wprawy…uznalam, ze krecenie filmikow i jazda na rowerze, w moim przypadku nie ida w parza 😛 Nastepnym razem przgotuje lepszy sprzet i popracuje nad technika 🙂

Bike trip to Prince Edward Island

I had a small dream. I wanted to see Anne’s of Green Gables House located in Prince Edward Island..oh and red sand beaches! I spent 17 days of biking! 1656 km including 1190 km of biking solo up to Pictou, where I met my friend Adam ( We explored the Prince Edward Island together as well as Moncton and Hopewell Rocks.I spent over 90 hours on a bike saddle biking across of 5 Canadian provinces. I stayed on 11 different campsites, 3 Airbnb, 1 dormitory and once I stayed at Adam’s friend house.

I am going to present you day by day of my amazing trip!

Mialam takie jedno male marzenie..zobaczyc Dom Ani z Zielonego Wzgorza, usytuowany na Wyspie Ksiecia Edwarda, ooo a takze czerwone plaze! Spedzialam w sumie 17 dni na rowerze. Przejechalam 1656 km, w tym 1190 km  zupelnie sama! Tuz przed wjazdem na wyspe, w Pictou spotkalam przyjaciela, Adama ( i razem odkrywalismy uroki wyspy, a pozniej Moncton i okolic.  Na rowerowym siodelku spedzilam ponad 90 h, pzekraczajac granice pieciu kanadyjskich prowincji. Spalam na 11 roznych polach kempingach w jednoosobowym namiocie, trzy razy w pokoju wynajetym przez Airbnb oraz jeden raz w mieszkaniu kolezanki.

Pragne przedstawic Wam dzien po dniu moja niesamowita przygode!