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Day 5: Annie Campsite to Causapscal


The most difficult day started very nice 🙂 I have to admit that temperature comfort was much better than in the previous day. It was around 13 C 😉 I packed my staff quickly, had a nice talk with a young mum (in a washroom 😉 who used to bike touring before having kids. I made a delicious coffee and run quickly to the beach to see the sunrise. I spent a couple minute delighting in the morning and pictures view.


But no time to waste, the road is calling…I jumped on my bike and start pedaling…it was foggy and heavy clouds were just waiting to release water. I made a short break at a gas station. I bought some candies and snacks to refill my fuel. At this point, I left a busy highway leading to Gaspe Penisula, thinking that I left hills behind…I was wrong 😛 Suddenly, out of the blue I faced the first hill…stopped..took of a few layers of my clothing hoping that it is the only one, so terribly steep hill on my way…but it was just the first of maaannnyyy :))


Alone in the middle of nowhere…foreign country…just a forest and you, sometimes you can only hear a chainsaw and see crazy log trucks rushing without any cares. It can be scary. How to survive? The is only one method. Don’t think! Enjoy, even when is hard. Turn on your radio and pedal harder.


Why? Because there is a small secret: after every uphill is a downhill (remember about having good breaks) and the most important for me…incredible, breathtaking views, which appear around the corner or on the top of the hill. It is worth to do all this effort in order to see it an be so close to nature. It is an unforgettable feeling.

Overall I was strong! I didn’t cry…but only at the begging 🙂 oh but everyone cries!


The road quality was pretty bad so I took a few breaks to rest and play with Minion – a good excuse to make a break 😛

I started crying at the end of the day though! When my energy evaporated due to lack of calories what I figured out after dinner. I just stopped and couldn’t go farther I could only cry..seeing that I missed the campsite…


Finally, I reached Causapascal very well known from salomon fishing. I met a guy from the local museum who told me a few words about this place. I was nice to talk to someone. More information: https://www.quebecoriginal.com/en-ca/listing/things-to-do/heritage-sites-and-attractions/museums-and-historic-sites/site-patrimonial-de-peche-matamajaw-1172878

When I found the campsite, I was exhausted, my brain was working really slow and it took me about one hour to choose a spot! I stayed at a tiny river which was lovely and scary the same time. They told me that there only rabbits, no bears, so I could sleep tightly. I remember that morning was freezing cold, around 6C.

I made 92 km being disappointed that I couldn’t do more. Today I think it was a lot, I had a knee pain, my bike was nonprepared for hills and I should be happy and proud of myself that I did it.


I have to mention that I had a great support from my family and friends who track my ride every day and sent me nice messages (possible due to Garmin live track feature). Thanks a lot for that!!! It was unexpected and I loved it. It gave me strength and faith.


Wolf trial in Gatineau Park


I am lucky living close to Gatineau Park (http://ncc-ccn.gc.ca/places-to-visit/gatineau-park). It is a big advantage of Ottawa or Gatineau in comparison e.g to Toronto  Gatineau Park is a  huge, 361 square km area.  The main entrance is situated around 5 min of walk from my home 🙂 It is a great place for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing and many others. Became a home for black bears, white-tailed deer, beavers, wolves and countless kinds of birds like turkey vulture or hawks.  I wish to see a bear…but still nothing 😦 I decided to explore this place more. For instance, during the winter I tried fat biking, the latest novelty in the Park. I hope I will repeat this experience in December! Anyway, the end of the summer seems to be a right time for hiking. Gatineau Park includes many delineated trials both for summer and winter hiking! I choose the Wolf Trial. It is 8.4 km long and loop shaped path located 25 km from my apartment. I got there by my commuter bike (hybrid Giant). I left it safely for a few hours attached to a bike rack at a neighboring beach and started walking. The trial was admirable. Deep green trees and path made from huge stones…were impressive. I met a few people on the way, teenagers, families with a little baby, what surprised me. Two view points worked well as a break and snack time spots. Luckily, it was raining only while I was biking, especially on the way back…hmm it was an actual storm. My hiking shoes became so heavy of water that pedaling was difficult.  The water just poured out when I took them off  🙂 That was fun!

Park Gatineau to ogromny, obejmujacy 361 km kwadratowych teren, a jego glowne wejscie usytuowane jest cale 5 min od mojego domu! Niewatpliewie stanowi on dom dla wielu zwierzat jak czarnych niedzwiedzi, wilkow, bobrow, a takze niezliczonej liczby ptakow. Zdarza sie, ze niedzwiadki wychodza z lasu i pojawiaja sie w okolicy gdzie mieszkam, ale jeszcze zadnego nie spotkalam. Park Gaineau to miejsce z wytyczonymi sciezkami do pieszych wedrowek zarowno zima jak i latem. Przygototwywane sa sciezki do nart biegowych, a w ostatnich latach popularnoscia cieszy sie kolarstwo gorskie i tzw. fat biking, ktorego probowalam zeszlej zimy. Wrzesien wydaje sie idealnym czasem na piesze wedrowki dlatego wybralam jeden z dostepnych szlakow, Wolf Trial. Jest to 8,5 km sciezka w ksztalcie  petli, polozona 25 km od mojego domu. Zadna komunikacja komunikajca miejska tam nie dociera, a ja nie posiadam jeszcza auta. Zabralam wiec na przejazdzke moj rower miejski (Giant hybrid). Powinnam wspomniec, ze przy kazdym szlaku znajduje sie parking samochodowy, a przy Wolf Trial byl nawet stojak rowerowy nalezacy do pobliskiej plazy (a przy kazdej plazy sa prysznice i toalety…). Przypielam rower do stojaka i zaczelam wedrowke. Po drodze spotkalam kilka osob, nastolatki i rodziny z dziecmi, a nawet z niemowlakiem w nosidelku co mnie zaskoszylo. Szlak byl urokliwy, soczyste kolory drzew i roslin oraz kamieniste podloze, czasem przypominajace Goloborze Swietokrzyskie. Dwa punkty widokowe stanowily swietne miejsce na odpoczynek i przekaske. Szczesliwie deszcz padl tylko w czasie jazdy na rowerze…szczegolnie w drodze powrotnej. Moje buty wspinaczkowe byly tak nasiakniete woda, ze ciezko bylo pedalowac. Nigdy w zyciu nie mialam tak przemoczonych butow…ale I tak bylo super!

Day 2: Quebec City to Riviere-Oulle…by bike!

06.08.2017 Sunday

My first fully biking day 😀 Of course…it was raining! I woke up very early, repacked panniers (in order to get a better balance) and started biking 🙂  I had a great opportunity to see Quebec City. For sure I will visit this place once again as I didn’t have time to enjoy its beauty. I am dreaming to see the IceHotel which is built every winter! However, I was able a taste of these crazy steep hills there, thankfully I was going downhill 😉

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I took a ferry to cross St Lawrance River and get to the east coast of Quebec. I found there, a few km’s long, enjoyable bike path…and started cycling…and stopping every kilometer to take off the next layer of my clothes 😛 Right away I saw gorgeous landscape emerging on the horizon. I was enchanted of this view. For the first time, I have understood the beauty of Quebec Province! It was the beginning of understandability. I think I even saw the Montmorency Waterfall on the horizon which is highest than Niagara Fall! It was an easy day for biking as I got a very heavy tail wind. Strong enough to pick my hat up and drop to the river 🙂 It was the first thing I lost…but the list of lost stuff is much much longer,  I will present it in the separate post 😉 This day was very stressful, alone on the road on fully loaded bike and staying on a campsite in a small tent only with my mind which usually creates a tonne of strange thought and scenarios after watching all of this ghost movies and horrors 😉 I can say, this kind of stress was a totally new experience for me.  I am very familiar with pre-exam stress but pre-vacation one…seems to be different. The cycling was really pleasant,  I was pedaling even 40 km/h…Somehow I was not aware that the wind pushes me so much. I was thinking…oh I am a so good cyclist… but the phenomena was explained when I changed the direction while I was going to the campsite and speed dropped to 10 km/h 😛 I decided to stay overnight at Riviere-Ouelle Campground, which proved to be really nice. They have a bike discount which is rare. I have to mention that campsites in Canda are really expensive. Usually, I had to pay the same rate as big campers, unfortunately 😦  The campsite was very big with swimming pool and beach where people admire the amazing sunset… I got a cozy spot close to the office that I could feel safe ;P Already on the first day my scheme of the evening action has been established. I set up the tent and had a dinner before a sunset. All my stuff was packed up to the tent or panniers which I usually left attached to the bike (for two reasons: to make thieve’s job harder or in the case of heavy rain in a morning  I was able to pack a tent quickly and start biking). My good organization surprises even me 😉

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Pierwszy dzien na w pelni obladowanym rowerze 🙂 Oczywiscie! Deszcz! Deszczu obawialam sie najbardziej….ale jak to mowia…do wszystkiego mozna przywyknac 😉 Obudzilam sie wczesnie rano, przepakowalam paniery (na poczatku nie pamiatalam, ze powinny wazyc tyle samo 😉 ) i ruszylam w droge. Qebec City okazalo sie przepieknym miastem i na pewno tam wroce, zeby odkryc wszystkie malenkie uliczki oraz lodowy hotel budowany kazdej zimy o czym marze od zeszlego roku 🙂  Rzeke Swietego Wawrzynca przekroczylam malym promem wyposazonym w stojaki rowerowe. Na drugim brzegu znalazlam dogodna sciezke rowerowa i ruszylam na przod…co chwila zatrzymujac sie zeby zdjac kolejna warstwe ubran 😉 Juz po chwili na choryzoncie ukazaly sie kebeckie gory, niesamowity widok. Mysle, ze nawet daleko na horyzoncie widzialam Wodospad Monmorency, ktory jest wyzszy od Wodospadu Niagara. Wlasnie w tym momencie zrozumialam dlczego wszyscy twierdza, ze Quebec jest taki piekny. Trudno to pojac mieszkajac w Gtineau, ktore jest malym i raczej nieurokliwym miasteczkiem. Caly dzien byl niezwykle przyjemny, pedalowalam wzdloz rzeki, a majac tylni wiatr pedzilam czasem nawet 40 km/h 🙂 Nie czulam tego wiatru, myslac, ze jestem taka dobra w tym pedalowaniu 😉 Wieczoram podazajac juz na pole namiotowe musialam zmienic kieruenk jazdy…wtedy moja predkosc spadla do 10 km/h…wiec juz wszystko bylo jasne 😀 Na noc postanowilam zatrzymac sie na kempingu w Rivierie-Oulle. Okazal sie bardzo przyjemnym miejscem z przpiekna plaza, na ktorej wszyscy zbieraja sie wieczorem, aby wspolnie podziwiac zachod slonca. Byl to jeden w dwoch kempingow w trakcie calej mojej podrozy, ktore posiadaly znizke dla rowerowa. W wiekszosci musialam pacic taka sama stawke jak wielkie kampery, co wydaje mi sie niezrozumiale, szczeglnie, ze kanadyjskie kempingi sa naprawde drogie, a ja mialam jedynie malenki namiot. Obsluga pola byla bardzo mila i przydzilila mi miejsce bliko biura, co bylo super wygodne i moglam czuc sie bezpiecznie 🙂 Juz piwerszego dnia ustalilam caly porzadek dnia, pakowania i rozkladania namiotu. Przed zachodem slonca, bylam juz po kolacji, wszystk bylo wpakowane do namiotu albo do panierow, ktore zastawialam przypiete do roweru: zeby utrudnic ewentualna kradziez lub w razie deszczu moc szybko spakowac namiot i ruszyc rano w droge. Kubek goracej herbaty towarzyszyl mi przy zachodzie slonca. Pozniej jeszcze tylko prysznic i lulu 🙂 Codziennie ten sam schemat co bylo zaskoczeniem nawet dla mnie samej 🙂

Day 1: Going to Quebec City…by train?

05.08.2017 Saturday

All set… It is time to start! I was so nervous. I don’t remember last time I was so stressed out 🙂 There was some problem with panniers attachment to the bike rack. I was afraid that something can break down while I am biking. I should definitely try it a thousand times before the trip.  But I am so spontaneous 😉 In the middle of the June I figured out I want to bike to Prince Edward Island (PEI) alone. Quick decision. Three days later I bought a new bike, light touring bike Trek Crossrip 1. The perfect solution for me. I didn’t want a typical touring bike which is heavy and also very expensive. My bike is light and sporty but the same time equipped with all attachments I need for panniers and bags. 

Initially, I planned 3 to 4 weeks of vacation that I can cycle from Ottawa to PEI, and then to Halifax where I would able to catch a flight back. Unfortunately, because of some complications at my work, I had to change plans. I was not sure if a can go up to two days before I went. So, you can imagine it was a crazy time. Finally, I got 2 weeks of vacation. I was so incredibly happy, especially that I packed panniers one week before, having a hope that my trip still can be done 😛

Only two weeks…the trip from Ottawa to PEI.. impossible, but from Quebec City…that sounded realistic. I spent quite a bit of time doing research regarding a bike transportation in Canada. I have been already known …it is not so easy thing. Why? Probably because of a car is the most popular conveyance in Canada.  There are intercity buses and trains but there are expensive and if you want to bring your bike, usually you have to pack it into a cardboard box. I find it is inconvenient for me, especially when I carry panniers and other heavy stuff.  I figured out that during the summer time, there are some trains equipped with bike racks 🙂 It was a good choice. There is only one per week going on the route Ottawa-Quebec City, but it matched perfectly to my plan. That was my first experience with Canadian train and I have to say very positive one. At the train station, my bike and pannier were checked in similar like at the airport way. The train was clean and comfortable. The trip took over six hours and I was terribly bored 😉


When I got o Quebec City I was…hungry and still stressed out. I decided to have a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant…I had delicious chicken with mushroom sauce…mniam..and after that, I went to University du Laval where I booked a room. It was already very late. I took me around one hour to get there. I didn’t expect it is so far. The room I got was not bad, pretty old building but acceptably clean. Thankfully equipped with elevator 🙂 It was important! In the first day I realized how heavy is my bike and how difficult handelling can be! 🙂

Wszystko gotowe! Czas ruszac w droge! Nie pamietam kiedy ostatnio bylam tak zestresowana, chyba nawet wyjazd do Kanady nie byl tak stresujacym wydarzeniem 🙂 Rano, gdy zakladalm paniery na rower okazalo sie, ze hmm nie pasuja do bagaznika? Powinnam byla to sprawdzin milion razy wczesnej! Ale..ta moja spontanicznosc. Zacznijmy od prawie poczatku. W polowie czerwca, zdecydowalam, ze chce jechac sama, rowerem na Wyspe Ksiecia Edwarda. Trzy dni pozniej kupilam rower, lekki rower touringowy, Trek Crossrip 1. Nie bylo latwo znalezc taki typ roweru, ale to byl najlepszy wybor. Nie chcialam typowego roweru touringowego, ktory jest ciezki i drogi. Chcialam moc cieszyc sie szybkoscia i lekkoscia jazdy, oczywiscie po odpieciu calego sprzetu, ale ktory posiada wszystkie niezbedne zaczepy do panierow i bagazy.

Poczatkowo planowalam 3-4 tygodniowe wakacje i podroz z Ottawy do Wyspy Ksiecia Edwarda, a potem do Halifax gdzie mialam zlapac samolot do domu. Niestety, przez pewne komplikacje w pracy, dostalam tylko 2 tygodnie urlop i do samego konca nie bylam pewna czy w ogole pojade. Dopiero dwa dni przed podroza mialam pewnosc. Moje paniery spakowalam juz tydzien wczesniej, caly czas majac nadzieje 😉 Udalo sie…ale 2 tygodnie? to niemozliwe, biorac pod uwage, ze pogoda moze byc bardzo zla i nie bede mogla pedalowac.

Postanowilam skrocic moj plan i wystartowac z Quebec City. Dzieki temu oszczedzilam 4 dni drogi, ktora i tak wydawala mi sie malo ciekawa. Super, ale jak dostac sie do Quebec City z rowerem? W Posce wszystko wydaje sie latwiejsze. W Kanadzie komunikacja miedzymiastowa oparta jest glownie na samochodach. Oczywiscie sa autobusy i pociagi..samoloty, ale przewiezienie roweru najczesciej laczy sie z jego spakowaniem w pudelko – ostatnia rzecz na jaka mialam ochote, szczegolnie bedac samemu z calym tym sprzetem. Szczesliwie znalazalm jeden, sobotni pociag wyposazony w stojaki rowerowe (ale nikt trgo nie gwarantuje ;)), ktory dodatkowo swietnie wpasowal sie w moj grafik. To bylo moje pierwsze spotkanie z kanadyjskim pociagiem i musze przyznac bardzo pozytwne, czego nie moge powiedziec o kanadyskich autobusach – koszmar 😉 Rower i bagaze nadalam na tzw check-in zupelnie jak na lotnisku, co bylo bardz wygodne. Cala podroz zajela ponad 6 godzin i bylam koszmarnie znudzona, nie mogac wysiedziec w miejscu.

Po dotarciu do Quebec City bylam…glodna 🙂 Postanowialm pojsc na dobra kolacje, nabrac kalorii przed kolejnymi ciezkimi dniami 🙂 Do dzis pamietam smak grzybowego sosu i kurczaka…pozniej juz tylko ryz i tunczyk 😛

Nocleg zarezerowalam w akademiku w jedym z tamtejszych uniwersytetow (University du Laval). Nie sadzilam, ze dojazd zajmie mi godzine, wiec na miejsce dotarlam okolo polnocy. Budynek wygladem przypominal lata 60, ale na szczesice byl wzglenie czysty no wypozazony nieoceniona winda. Tak, pierszwego dnia zdalam sobie sprawe jak ciezki jest moj rower, szczegolnie po tym jak kilka razy upadl 😛