Day 5: Annie Campsite to Causapscal


The most difficult day started very nice 🙂 I have to admit that temperature comfort was much better than in the previous day. It was around 13 C 😉 I packed my staff quickly, had a nice talk with a young mum (in a washroom 😉 who used to bike touring before having kids. I made a delicious coffee and run quickly to the beach to see the sunrise. I spent a couple minute delighting in the morning and pictures view.


But no time to waste, the road is calling…I jumped on my bike and start pedaling…it was foggy and heavy clouds were just waiting to release water. I made a short break at a gas station. I bought some candies and snacks to refill my fuel. At this point, I left a busy highway leading to Gaspe Penisula, thinking that I left hills behind…I was wrong 😛 Suddenly, out of the blue I faced the first hill…stopped..took of a few layers of my clothing hoping that it is the only one, so terribly steep hill on my way…but it was just the first of maaannnyyy :))


Alone in the middle of nowhere…foreign country…just a forest and you, sometimes you can only hear a chainsaw and see crazy log trucks rushing without any cares. It can be scary. How to survive? The is only one method. Don’t think! Enjoy, even when is hard. Turn on your radio and pedal harder.


Why? Because there is a small secret: after every uphill is a downhill (remember about having good breaks) and the most important for me…incredible, breathtaking views, which appear around the corner or on the top of the hill. It is worth to do all this effort in order to see it an be so close to nature. It is an unforgettable feeling.

Overall I was strong! I didn’t cry…but only at the begging 🙂 oh but everyone cries!


The road quality was pretty bad so I took a few breaks to rest and play with Minion – a good excuse to make a break 😛

I started crying at the end of the day though! When my energy evaporated due to lack of calories what I figured out after dinner. I just stopped and couldn’t go farther I could only cry..seeing that I missed the campsite…


Finally, I reached Causapascal very well known from salomon fishing. I met a guy from the local museum who told me a few words about this place. I was nice to talk to someone. More information:

When I found the campsite, I was exhausted, my brain was working really slow and it took me about one hour to choose a spot! I stayed at a tiny river which was lovely and scary the same time. They told me that there only rabbits, no bears, so I could sleep tightly. I remember that morning was freezing cold, around 6C.

I made 92 km being disappointed that I couldn’t do more. Today I think it was a lot, I had a knee pain, my bike was nonprepared for hills and I should be happy and proud of myself that I did it.


I have to mention that I had a great support from my family and friends who track my ride every day and sent me nice messages (possible due to Garmin live track feature). Thanks a lot for that!!! It was unexpected and I loved it. It gave me strength and faith.